Thonet 200

Thonet200 exhibition - picture 1
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Thonet200 exhibition - picture 3
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Thonet200 exhibition - picture 5
On 8 November, 2019, we opened an exhibition in the event room of Haus der Kunst, Munich, to mark the 200th anniversary of the Thonet furniture company. The exhibition is now on display at our gallery, running until the end of December 2019. We are showing works by 19 artists which were created at our invitation for Thonet´s anniversary and our exhibition. The artists deal in very different ways with the myth of Thonet, its formal language and its effects on our contemporary culture. In addition, we are presenting designs by 3 designers (Konstantin Grcic, James Irvine and Jörg Schellmann) who modify Thonet classics and bring them into the present, both formally and in terms of production and marketing.